About Us


Do you want to know more about the attractions and activities in St. Johns River Country? If so, you’ve come to the right place! My name is Robert Jefferson, and I’m a part of a Florida organization dedicated to singing the praises of West Volusia, also known as St. Johns River Country. To put it simply, St. Johns River Country has something for every Florida visitor to enjoy. Welcome!

Florida Wildlife

Want to see a manatee, an alligator, or a Florida scrub jay? They all make their home along with many other animals in Blue Spring State Park. Personally, I never get tired of seeing the manatees in Blue Spring. Hontoon Island and De Leon Springs are two other state parks in St. Johns River Country where visitors can admire unique Florida wildlife. Taking a guided river eco-tour is another excellent way to relax and learn about the wildlife in our area.

Fishing and Boating

If you want to build a vacation that includes lots of fishing and boating, then St. Johns River Country has you covered. The St. Johns River is 310 miles long. Drop your fishing line in the water and you’re likely to come away with bluegills, catfish, striped bass, or one of the many other fish living in the St. Johns. Or, if you prefer, you can cruise around on the river on a boat enjoying the scenery and fresh air!

Arts and History

Travelers who want to experience the arts in our area can visit one or more of our museums or cultural arts centers. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about natural science, art history, pioneer life, and more. This is an excellent option for travelers who want to slow their pace for a while and participate in educational activities.


St. Johns River Country has a number of sporting events perfect for vacationers who like to cheer on their favorite team! Baseball and basketball games as well as golf are all appealing options. Also, we have auto racing for sports fans who like to hear the roar of engines.

Are you ready to start planning your trip? Please take a few minutes to explore our website to learn more about the many things that make St. Johns River Country so appealing to vacationers and residents alike.

See you soon!