Florida’s Wildlife


Florida’s Wildlife

One of the many reasons to travel to St. Johns River Country is to see the extraordinary animals that live there. Visitors have lots of opportunities for snapping photos or just taking some time to admire the plants and animals they encounter. Learn about some of the animals that reside in St. Johns River Country and find out where you are most likely to see them before you go.

Blue Spring State Park

Visitors can a see a variety of animals at Blue Spring State Park. The beautiful blue heron is a familiar sight in the park. Also, this park is a refuge for manatees, so visitors have plenty of chances to get a photo of these lumbering creatures. Wild turkeys, alligators, turtles, and black bears also occupy the park. Be sure to keep an eye on the sky and you may catch sight of a Florida scrub jay.

Clark Bay Conservation Area

If you go on a hike in the Clark Bay Conservation Area, you may see bald eagles, wild turkeys, deer, wood ducks, and herons. Florida black bears also frequent this area. You may even spot a swallow-tailed kite. The tree-lined trails in this park serve as the perfect setting for plenty of memorable photographs.

Heart Island Conservation Area

The Heart Island Conservation Area is a mixture of swamps, marshes, and flatwoods. This means it’s home to a variety of plants and animals. Otters, black bears, raccoons, and foxes are all occupants of this conservation area. You may also see gopher tortoises, songbirds, alligators, and several types of snakes.

Hontoon Island State Park

Do you want to see a red-shouldered hawk, a sandhill crane, or an osprey? If so, one option is to hop on the park ferry and take a trip to Hontoon Island State Park. Other animals that inhabit this island include the yellow-crowned night heron, limpkin, American white ibis, and barred owl.

Tiger Bay State Forest

Visiting Tiger Bay State Forest gives you the opportunity to learn about Florida’s wetlands. Some of the animals to see here include bobcats, quail, wild turkeys, wood storks, black bears, the Bachman’s sparrow, and white-tailed deer along with many others.

These are just a few examples of parks and sanctuaries where visitors can enjoy the unique wildlife in Florida.